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Welcome to
Community Social Model Advocates, Inc.

Enriching a Human Life on the Journey to Recovery is our Business

Making the decision to be on the path of recovery is never easy, but once made the journey is paved with health and healing. Here at Community Social Model Advocates, Inc. the environment is designed to reverse the effects of exposure to situations that promote substance abuse and other self-defeating behaviors. Attention to creating an environment that minimizes re-traumatization from past experiences is our priority.

Engagement, empathy, client empowerment, motivational enhancement, inspiring hope, the belief that people can change and client centered treatment planning are key elements. Welcoming and common courtesy is a fundamental agency-wide obligation to encourage and support each client’s right, as well as the importance of affirming their decision to seek treatment.

All services are provided in the spirit of working in an empowered partnership with clients and families.



SUD Recovery Treatment Facilities - ArcGIS Hub Dataset - California Health and Human Services Open Data Portal


Community Social Model Advocates, Inc.
508 Mendocino Ct.
Atwater, CA 95301

(209) 357-5261

FAX: (209) 357-5263

The Rose Julia Riordan Tranquility Village
240001EN (expires – 11-30-2024)
559 Mendocino Ct., Atwater, CA 95301

(209) 357-5200

FAX: (209) 357-5279

The David J. Riordan's Hobie House
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1301 Yosemite Parkway, Merced, CA 95340

(209) 722-6335

FAX: (209) 722-6371

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