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Community Social Model Advocates, Inc. is committed to providing cost-effective services to men, women and women with children.
For more than eighteen years, we have been providing residential alcohol/other drug residential services to those individuals whose lives and families have been impacted by a life-style addiction. Through our personal experience, we know chemical dependency and alcoholism is an illness that needs to be addressed at the level of individuals, families and the community at large.

Our programs, The Rose Julia Riordan Tranquility Village, a women and women with children facility and The David J. Riordan's Hobie House, a men's facility, are licensed and certified by the State of California and are centrally located within the State of California.

We provide residential, comprehensive services with a gender responsive approach.

The David J. Riordan Hobie House
The Rose Julia Riordan Tranquility House

For more information about our services, please contact us by telephone:

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Community Social Model Advocates     •     508 Mendocino Court - Atwater, California 95301     •     209. 357.5261     •     info@csmainc.org

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