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While I was at the program, I was taught a new way to live and how to handle life on life’s terms without the use of drugs. In the short time there I was shown how to set goals and walked through the process of achieving those goals, for example I was taught how to find a job and encouraged to get my GED. I had done drugs for more than fifteen years and had never known these rather simple skills. When leaving the program, I had retained my high school diploma and I had a full-time job. C.S


I came from prison with nowhere to go and nothing to my name, and this program helped me build a solid foundation for my new life. They saved my life. I owe this program for the rest of my life, and I am extremely grateful for my chance to live. M.M


My personal experience with the Hobie House and the services they provided, has been one of the best things in our family’s lives. It only took one person to decide to make a change for the better in their life and we, as a family, were there to follow and support that decision. We thank God every day for giving our family the strength to enjoy our lives the way he intended us to. The Hobie House symbolizes a deeper level of support that helped our family overcome this obstacle that we may not have been able to supersede without it. We will always acknowledge the Hobie House for the overwhelming support it has given. Words cannot express our gratitude for the team work that the relationship involves between the staff and clients to change their lives forever and for the better. V.H family member


I was a three-time recovery loser, and they said there was no hope for me. I had burned all my bridges and my family was done with me. They took a dope fiend with nothing to give and helped me become a good mother, a great friend and role model. There isn’t enough words to express what a life changing experience I have had there. M.R

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