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Community Social Model Advocates, Inc. is a private non-private organization which was founded in 1989 in order to operate alcohol/other drug recovery homes in the State of California

The alcoholism and drug addiction recovery programs at Community Social Model Advocates, Inc. are low-cost, reasonably priced residential treatment alternatives for men, women and women with children. Our programs are located in Merced County, the gateway to Yosemite where we offer community based, peer oriented, comprehensive, and gender- specific treatment.

For more than eighteen years we have been providing residential alcohol/other drug residential services to those individuals whose lives and families have been impacted by a life-style of addiction.

Through our personal experience, we know chemical dependency and alcoholism is an illness that needs to be addressed at the level of individuals, families and the community at-large.

The purpose of our programs is to provide recovery home services for the alcoholic and drug addict, thus assisting those individuals on:

  • The road to clear thinking through a program of alternatives, insight and sobriety.
  • To teach the alcoholic and drug addict a number of alternate life styles without drinking or using
  • To help the participant solve problems without drinking or using
  • To help the alcoholic and drug addict prepare to re-enter into their home community upon completion of the program
  • To give the alcoholic and drug addict an opportunity to enjoy a happy satisfying life while remaining clean and sober.

Because no two drug addicts or alcoholics are alike, so no two treatment plans should be. Our qualified staff will assist the individual in creating an individualized plan that meets each individual’s needs and will give them their best opportunity to achieve long term sobriety.

Community Social Model Advocates Inc.’s professional staff is certified and highly skilled. Each staff member is also involved in his or her own recovery program and understands the recovery process from a perspective that only another drug addict or alcoholic can. Because of this connection our staff is involved in the participant’s recovery from the first day.

Our programs, The Rose Julia Riordan Tranquility Village a women and women with children facility and The David J. Riordan’s Hobie House and are members of the local Chamber of Commerce and a state wide organization the California Association of Addiction Resources.

Our program services provide a comprehensive social model approach to residential treatment for substance abusers that are deemed to be in need of a structured support system to allow positive changes and stabilization in the participant’s attitude and lifestyle. These services provide a structured clean and sober environment, while emphasizing the process of learning through “doing” and “experiencing”. These services are peer oriented and the staff; themselves are recovering addicts/alcoholics.

We will not attempt to “fix” the alcoholic/addict, but offer the tools and guidance necessary to attain a life of sobriety/clean time.

We believe that community willingness to serve and a commitment to help others is the basis of our work

We believe that “If you give man bread, you nourish him once. If you teach him to plant, you nourish him forever”

The David J. Riordan Hobie House
The Rose Julia Riordan Tranquility House

For more information about our services, please contact us by telephone:
209. 357.5261

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